1 Hour Riding Lesson    $75.00 per hr

This is a riding lesson focussed on you, on top of the horse, while getting one on one instruction.  We will develop a program to help you develop a solid foundation for beginners or refine the skills you already possess for more advanced riders.  You will leave feeling confident about the partnership you have formed with your horse.  We will guide you to success with your horsemanship goals whatever they may be. 

 3 Hour Horsemanship Session   $175  (3 hr)
This is the best way to get one on one time to work on your specific horsemanship needs whether it is learning about one rein stops, lead changes, side-passing or just fine-tuning a riding technique.  In some cases, you may want to advance your groundwork and learn how to take your horse across a stream or gain confidence on the trail.  This is for first-time horse enthusiasts or advanced horseman.  We look forward to helping you on your horsemanship journey.                   
                                       Your horse or ours! 

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Horsemanship Lessons

Groundwork Lessons

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Central Maui's Horseback Riding Experience & Horsemanship

Central Maui's horseback riding experience.

 Lessons in Groundwork               $75 per hr

This is for anyone who truly wants to build a connection and achieve a deeper understanding of working with horses.  You will learn WHY, and HOW they think and be able to help them, which in turn, helps you.  Your horse or ours.

"Generally speaking, most of the horse-human relationships take place with the humans' feet flat on the ground. The foundation for a true partnership is groundwork.  These days, horses are more of a recreational activity, and not enough time is spent with them.  What people call groundwork varies greatly from region to region or person to person for that matter.

The groundwork I strive to teach helps prepare both you and your horse for situations that unfortunately occur at the worst of times.  When problems occur with a horse, will he look to you for guidance and a friend, or will he see you as trouble?"   

                        Yod Neal

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