Ranch Photo Gallery

We have many pictures to share with you from Makani Olu Ranch and will be updating as soon as we get the cast and crew ready for their photo session. 
Members includes: mules, donkey's, horses, filly, pheasant, chickens, cattle, sheep, goat, cats (lots of them), dogs and more.    They are a sight to see. 

Youth Horse Camp

Mary and Avery Chumbley - Maui County Fair Parade
Maui County Fair Parade 2008 - Mr. & Mrs. Avery Chumbley

Hmmmmm, a National Park?   I dont think so.

Just for fun and great insite to Avery

Yod Neal riding "Gunstock Signet" in roundpen at Makani Olu Ranch.
This is all new for Signet (DOB 2-16-02) one of the Registered Quarter Horse mares.

Youth Day Camp information shared when at the mall.

Peter Klein

Peter Klein (left) is a wonderful Farrier who takes his time and is highly skilled.  He can be reached at 808-870-3605

Avery with Donkeys
Avery loves his baby donkey's (above) and rides one of his mules Leilani on one of her first trail rides (below.)  Way to go cowboy!
Avery on Leiani the Mule

Trail ride in July 09

Gustock Signet Groundwork

Maui residents could not believe their eyes when they woke to snow covered mountains on top of Haleakalau Mountain January 29, 2009.  Snow on Haleakalau Mountain, Maui, Hawaii 1/29/08

Out on the trail we see a waterfall at reservoire up in the valley.  Youll see it too when you ride

Dr. Bart, our vet, helps train Leilani the Mule.  Even the vet takes time to ride.

Mary loves Asa her newest baby!

Avery and Bert Tree Chores

Baby goats born in June 2009

Avery helps with baby goats and mama is happy!

Asa first day in roundpen prep to be haltered and led.

Avery takes time for Bert

On the trail with friends at the ranch.

Yod prepares Jester for first ride
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