Many horse facilities these days seem to teach “riding” or “riding lessons.”  If being a passenger perched on top of 1200 lbs. of animal that has a mind of its own is good enough, there are plenty of places that teach just that. 


At Makani Olu Ranch our philosophy is teaching both the human and horse to work in harmony from the ground up.

 Horseback riding is not the same as horsemanship.  Horsemanship encompasses the entire horse-human relationship.  A great deal of that relationship takes place with the human’s feet flat on the ground.  It is from the ground that we feed our horses, clean their stalls, groom and clip them, lead them, load and unload from trailers, doctor them, and ultimately saddle and bridle them.  When a good rider is not also a good horseman what is usually missing is a foundation on the ground. 


Horse foundation is the key.  It is like building a house, the foundation comes first.  Once the groundwork is laid, the horse is ready to be directed by a human under saddle. 


Once under saddle the foundation only progresses to control of the horses body parts, head, neck, shoulders, ribs, and hips.  Once these foundation maneuvers have been established then technical challenges are brought forward.  Examples are crossing water or bridges, opening a gate, and other types of obstacles.   

Regardless of the discipline (western pleasure, dressage, hunter jumper, or a safe trail ride partner) the foundation is the key.  

If you've been going to trainers for some time and feel like you haven't progressed the way you anticipated, then click here to learn more about our horse programs and services.  Call Yod Neal at  808-870-0663 .


 Call Yod Neal  808-870-0663 for support for you and your horse.

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